Nick Ratcliffe’s Sunday Brunch

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From 11am on Sunday, Nick Ratcliffe is here with his always chaotic Sunday Brunch. It
should be relaxing but seldom is, and is the perfect opportunity to get your choice of tune
played, by submitting suggestions via social media or email. Message Nick at .

Nick Ratcliffe’s Sunday Brunch crew

Nick has been mucking about in radio since the early eighties, on County Sound, Radio Mercury, 96.4 The Eagle, 106.6 Star FM and BBC Radio 2, amongst others. He’s presented, produced, consulted, programme controlled, head of music’d, and generally not found anything he’s very good at. Then he and his good friend Renna McDonagh had the bright idea of trying something new. They swore they’d never run a radio station again, and that station is Radio Biscuit. Nick is on Saturday evenings at 5 with Floor Fillers, Sunday mornings at 11 with Sunday Brunch, and Tuesday evenings at 10 with The Evening Lockdown…… ….so those are the best times to avoid…. ;-)

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